Start identifying and tracking website visitors to reverse the effects of iOS 14.5, and achieve better campaign results.

Every day, qualified potential buyers visit your website. The problem is that since the release of Apple's iOS 14.5, roughly 98% of these visitors are completely anonymous. This in turn means huge potential lost revenue opportunities.

Lead Eagle's EagleID™ technology leverages our proprietary identity resolution graph to unlock an average of 30-40% of your site visitors, to help you turn these anonymous visitors into paying customers and new revenue. We can even export your resolved visitors directly into a CRM for you and your sales & marketing teams.

Once resolved, you can then utilize your first-party identified visitor data to create better ad campaign targeting by uploading it to various paid ad platforms such as Meta® and Google®. This allows you to not only turn anonymous visitors into paying customers, but to allow the ad platforms to create better lookalike audiences representing your target market (you know, the stuff that went away with the release of iOS 14.5).

With the power of EagleID™ Pixel, you'll now have the ability to validate and enrich the identity of prospects who land on your website, have better intel for your sales team, and restore your lost campaign RoAS.

Lead Eagle - Discover Your Audience

Create hyper-personalized omnichannel campaigns and reduce paid ad costs

EagleID™ Visitor Identification Pixel - Hyperpersonalized Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Build hyper-personalized omnichannel campaigns

Send identified visitors emails, SMS, and Postcards to your anonymous website visitors based on behaviors and purchase propensity to the right person at the right time and win back lost revenue at a fraction of the cost.

Build Audiences that don’t even exist and Lower CPAs by 50%+

Upload your first-party data to Facebook, Google, or TikTok to create hyper segmented Lookalike audiences that don’t exist on the major ad platforms and watch your ad costs start to drop