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Building the data backbone for the new generation of online marketing

At Lead Eagle, our driving passion and mission is to build the data backbone for modern businesses, and help advertisers succeed with paid ads and online marketing.

We bring together senior data strategists and the latest in AI machine learning to enhance and optimize your advertising & marketing campaigns, turning them into massively productive marketing machines.

Coming from a diverse set of technology and marketing backgrounds, the Lead Eagle team has more than 30 years of combined experience in the online marketing & advertising world. And we’ve identified a unique process previously available to only the select few…

With Lead Eagle, you’ll be able to create and utilize your first party data the way it was intended to be – to find and target your ideal customers.

The advertising game is changing rapidly, it’s no longer point-and-click or shooting fish in a barrel to be able to turn one ad dollar spent into two. It doesn’t matter how much you test, how many creative angles you can come up with, or how much money you’re spending on the native platforms, as the modern online advertising game is about one thing….. the data. And ever since the release of Apple IOS 14.5, most advertisers are suffering from a severe lack of quality data to feed into their ad campaigns to make them truly successful.

Our mission at Lead Eagle, is to empower the modern business with the data and insight they need to grow online and fight against the limitations and control of the big ad platforms.

Lead Eagle — Discover Your Audience™

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