Target only In-market audiences with buying intent.

Imagine being able to show your ads specifically to people who are searching online for your products or services, and ready to buy right now -- Without having to spend (or waste) thousands of dollars testing multiple audiences to find one that finally drives sales.

With Lead Eagle InMarket™ (EIM), you can do exactly that. EIM's database combines trillions of data points from across the Internet, allowing you to cherry pick only the people that are actually interested in buying what you sell.

With EIM, you can finally stop wasting ad dollars on audiences that are stale, diluted, or uninterested. It also provides the perfect complement to our EagleID™ solution.

Eagle InMarket™ Data

Massively Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness

Market to audiences before your competition even knows they exist

By combining the behavior of your customers with the keywords they are searching for on Google and Youtube, you can market to those customers before they go to one of your competitors.

Besides, who want to pay for overpriced Google clicks?